Projects and Ideas

Actually Complete


    Redesign and rebuild of the corporate website for STAFFLINK.

  2. Branching Web

    My small business I run my freelance/side projects through.

In Progress, and I use that term loosely

  1. Brand Starter Tool

    Choose colours, typography, and some other starter content for your business idea and kickstart the brand building process. Assists with web scoping meetings or help clients do it themselves, and streamline the handover to dev and design teams.

  2. Beginner Web Development Course

    Create a casual beginners guide and approach to being a web developer. Covers HTML, CSS, JS, GIT, SEO, and some extra tips.

Don't ask me for a timeline

  1. Contact Sharing App

    A mobile app that allows users to select certain contact info (phone, email, socials) and "tap" phones with another person to share the info (nfc). All info is stored locally on the phone, but a paid plan might allow for cloud storage and permission access (hide info that you have previously sent).

  2. VR Property Showcase

    A Virtual Reality experience in Unreal Engine 5 where you can upload floorplan documents to programmatically create a 3d environment that you can navigate.

  3. New Blog/Commenting Template

    Blog template focused on community and interactions. Viewers can highlight and create comment threads on certain parts of an article. Similar to how Google Docs works.

  4. Sustainable Hosting Business

    Create a self sustainable hosting option that runs on solar power. Offer free tiers for websites that focus on "clean and energy efficient".