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Closing out the year

End of year is always quite busy. There is always a never ending list of things to close off before you get into holiday period, and it seems like everyone else except you will have a break. I've still got a huge list of work to smash out by the end december.

I also need to look at hosting options for some of my freelance clients. Cheap hosting is okay to use for a small wordpress website, but when traffic grows you really need something that can work better.

I'm looking at options at personalised hosting with Linode and SpinupWP. The combination of these make an excellent option for managing multiple wordpress websites.

Style Guide Tool

I'm switching the way I frame the tool from a Brand Tool, to a Style Guide tool. I can keep a clearer idea of what the product is and hopefully this will also help the potential users understand better.

I've finished the edit form fields and I've added some web components examples to the Style Guide to showing off what a brand could look like.

There are still quite a few things to finish off, and I hope I get the time to launch an MVP this year.


  1. Finish create/edit/view template
  2. User Auth
  3. Home page
  4. Login Page
  5. Pick a name for this product...

Personal Life

I bought a new keyboard and it arrived this week.

Ducky One2 - Full Size - White LED Backlit

Finished: "How Language Works - David Crystal"

Now Reading: "What is History - E. H. Carr"