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Balancing Work and Projects

I've been busy trying to balance full-time work and trying to complete personal projects. It's honestly so hard to go to work all week when all you can think about is doing more on your own personal projects. Then the problem arises where you begin spending all day wishing you were doing something else, you end up dreading all the time you "waste" working on something else.

I mentioned I set up my goals/progression tracking on Notion, and now that I can spend time on personal work and see the progress, it is actually incredibly rewarding. I would love to be able to do this full-time, "be my own boss" and all that. But it takes time and effort to be sustainable. Neither of which I seem to have.. oops.

Still building the unnamed Brand Tool

I'm putting all my spare dev energy to this project to get it up and running. Hopefully I will have some progress to share soon.

There are still have a few things to complete:

  1. Finish create/edit/view template
  2. Finish Auth access
  3. Do homepage.. for that sweet seo ;)